Arri Alexa Workshop

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Arri Alexa Workshop

Arri Alexa Workshop

I participated in a fantastic evening workshop at Abel Cine in New York last evening. The camera was simply everything it promised to be and the workflow quite simple and intuitive. We reviewed the inner workings of both the Alexa and AlexaXT. The XT has a 4:3 vs. 16:9 sensor which is perfect for anamorphic imaging. When I walked into the workshop I immediately spotted an image on the giant television monitor that any creative would fall in love with – the AlexaXT had a LOMO 75mm anamorphic prime lens attached and it was jaw-dropping. I think I’m in love.

A big thanks to Dave Kincaid for an exciting and informative classroom experience. I’m looking forward to using the Alexa on our next project at Ridge Road.



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