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Behind every creative engagement is the power of collaboration.

We Are Ridge Road

We are passionate individuals with creative sensibilities who enjoy working with agencies, design studios, and in-house design teams that are truly passionate about the work they generate on behalf of their clients. Whether it’s making incredible products, creating new experiences, solving really tough challenges, and surprising and delighting their internal clients and, ultimately, their customers.

A Means, Not An End

At Ridge Road, we are design-centric, not design-only. At the intersection of business and customers, a brand is where and good design is how. It is the delivery mechanism for inspired, relevant, and engaging products and services. It creates context, and it frames content. It inspires action. It drives revenue. It makes experiences genuinely memorable. But no matter what it does, good design always comes last.


Ridge Road functions as a specialized resource within your organizational structure. We work with internal partners to help articulate business knowledge and express business strategy in a way that speaks to your customers in their language. We roll up our sleeves with business units and internal stakeholders to steer the creative output of your product marketing, engineering, video production, event, and design teams.

We collaborate with your external partners on a global scale, whether it’s agencies, developers, production houses, or freelance contractors. We engage in the long term, always seeking progress and impact.


Best Technology Website
Web Marketing Association

Bronze | Corporate & B2B
Horizontal Interactive Awards

Gold | Multi-Media Website Design
International Design Awards

Gold | Website B2B
AVA Digital Awards

Gold | Professional Services
Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts

Jim Phillips

Executive Creative Director

Jan Bailey Phillips

Senior Account Executive

Design Is Good

It’s a big, cluttered world. Good design helps your customers understand how products work and how services benefit them. It gives ideas shape, texture, and relevance. Good design makes good things great, and great things timeless. Together, we can create standout work that truly stands for something.

Before the design comes the product.

Before the product comes the idea.

Before the idea comes the customer.

Your customer.

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Brands We’ve Served

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