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Join our team.
No matter where you work.

Great work starts with great people.

Ridge Road is a company driven by imagination, skill, and artistry. We, like you, are creators. We hold these essential core attributes key to our process – so that visionary artists and developers like yourself have the freedom to think and the ability to create world-class content for our clients and their customers.
We are passionate about fostering a culture that encourages creativity for our virtual teams while being a fun and satisfying environment for each team member. If you’re curious and driven, we’re interested in getting to know you. Connect with us today.

Freelance Positions

Concept, Short-form, Display, Technical

After Effects, C4d, Maya, Toonboom

Print, Publication, Motion Graphics, Illustrators

Web, Mobile, Kiosk

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, C+, C++, C#, Python

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