Walter Smith

Walter Smith

I recently had the opportunity to work with Walter Smith for a two day photo session in Austin, Texas for Premier Research last week. While I knew and respected Walter’s work prior to attending the shoot, I was blown away with talent and kindness. Walter’s approach to work and life in general was so refreshing – I think I would have paid his day rate just to hang out and learn!

While Walter clicked away I had the pleasure of running through the same setups at the same time with a RED Scarlet in hand. With the help of assistant cameraman and data wrangler John Sedlack we captured about 4 hours of 4k resolution footage that perfectly matched the look and feel of our still photography. Such fun and so rewarding!

We moved through our setups effortlessly and managed to get our 14 models and ourselves in and out the door on schedule and with some 4000+ images in hand over our two-day adventure.

This was truly one of the most relaxed sessions I’ve ever attended in my professional career. Please check out Walter’s website and his Instagram page. I’m sure you’ll be impressed by the man and the artist.

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