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Grains of Sand

Deloitte Unveils ExaLink

Consulting giant Deloitte engaged Ridge Road to tell the story of their new offering—ExaLink, a “true hybrid cloud platform that offers data security and scalability, operational management, and access to business information that didn’t exist previously. Data functions can now be value drivers because of the greater focus on pre-deal analysis, post-deal monitoring, pricing discrepancies, and the identification of lost revenue.”
We formed a concept around the idea that large data is difficult to grasp, and that framing a conversation around data via grains of sand proficiently communicated the scale of the discussion. Deloitte CTO Guy Merritt made his first on-camera appearance for this piece, and we shot with A, B, and C cameras on the 120-foot pre-lit green screen at SAS’s Raleigh campus. Guy’s performance was layered on top of photographic and CG elements to create a unique and memorable storytelling experience.
+  Concept
+  Digital Film
+  Green Screen

+  Motion Graphics
+  Color Grading
+  Editing