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It Could Be a Heart Attack

PatientPoint Communicates Tough Facts with a Lighter Touch

PatientPoint engaged Ridge Road to take the ball and run with an in-house generated script featuring a well-known, yet brilliant visual metaphor. A heart attack feels like an elephant is standing on your chest. We decided to take the literal interpretation and run with it. We chose to engage an intense color palette pulled directly from PatientPoint’s brand system. Our approach utilized two characters to maintain a solid visual narrative throughout the forty-five-second piece, enduring that the elephant character had an opportunity to redeem himself after causing such havoc. We used ToonBoom Harmony to illustrate and animate our paper cutout figures, Adobe After Effects to composite all elements and drop the frame rate to 10 fps, and Clip Studio Paint EX to hand-paint over 5,400 individual layers to complete this educational, yet entertaining piece.
+  Design Concepts
+  Illustration
 2d Animation
Motion Graphics