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Not So White Papers

Premier Reimagines Its Collateral System

As Ridge Road assisted Premier Research in evolving its brand, updating its robust library of white papers seemed to be a likely candidate to road test the new design system. Premier’s color palette was simplified to use only black, white, and bright and dark blue—as well as the occasional green pulled directly from the company logo. All imagery was graded to look like Kodak Tri-X Film, giving the entire series a vivid, high-contrast look and feel. The infographics system was overhauled completely to modernize the designs and simplify the amount of information communicated at each critical juncture. Icons were developed to represent each facet of Premier Research’s broad areas of expertise. In the end, a robust template system was delivered to Premier with all text and paragraph styles, standard colors, and temporary images in place. This system was then distributed to additional design houses and agencies so that the new library could be revised and published in record time.
Brand Evolution
Template Design