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Black & White & Blue

Premier Research Stops the Show at DIA

In the CRO world, DIA is always a huge event, and huge events represent exciting possibilities. With a hardware layout provided by our client and Butler Exhibits, Ridge Road crafted a visual experience that communicated Premier’s “Built for Biotech” campaign in action. Two 65″ and two 36″ LED monitors displayed wordplay animations and videos developed specifically for DIA. The curved surfaces on the main body of the frame and the S-shaped ribbon above provided several exciting design possibilities regarding image placement and messaging. A giant word cloud and therapeutic experience graphics were featured on the front and back sides of the two giant lightbox frames. Above the 20 x 40 foot configuration was a self-illuminated 72 x 72 inch square tension fabric logo frame hung from the ceiling of the conference arena. Conference attendees were drawn to the exhibit, which stopped foot traffic exactly as it was designed to do.
Brand Evolution
Surface Design
+  Animation
Digital Film
+  Infographics
+  Production Files