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Boston Sees Red

Red Hat Takes Center Stage at Summit

Ridge Road worked closely with Red Hat’s internal design, brand, and video production teams to bring to life the Red Hat Summit. Airport banners welcomed attendees at Boston’s Logan International Airport, and large banners featuring the year’s Innovation Award nominees occupied columns, escalator stairwells, and walls throughout the 170,000-square-foot Hynes Convention Center. The Red Hat brand was prominently displayed at every turn, communicating the context of the place and the purpose of the event. 8k resolution videos were produced for the main show open as well as the Red Hat Innovation Awards. Presenter-controlled 4k animated slide decks were generated for six speakers, totaling over three hours of animation displayed throughout the three-day event.
Brand Application
Floor Layout
Booth Design
Graphic Design
8k Video
4k Presentations
 3d Animation
 Trophy Design